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How to Generate Income Online

  Generating Income Online There are many people looking for ways to generate an income flow by utilizing the internet.  I have tried many different plans also only to find out they were scams. Yes, there are...
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How To Set Up Your Free Website

Create Your Free WordPress Website You can set up a free WordPress website by clicking on the picture.  You will need to create an account, but don't worry, you do not need to enter any credit card information. Once you have signed in, click on the SiteRubix on the...
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Wealthy Affiliates – Complaints & Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate Website: Price: Starter for Free or Premium $19 the first month then $47/month or $359/year Owners: Kyle and Carson Overall Rank: 98/100 Audience: Beginner through Advanced  I have searched the internet and have found only...
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wp_get_sites is deprecated

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Format the Main Menu Section

The main menu is in the header area.  Adding each snippet of CSS code to your styles.css will allow you to override any default settings. This will remove any formatting that comes with the default setting or settings you may have set in the Customize - Font section....
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Modifying the Search Form in the Header

Rather than have a large search box showing in the header, this will allow you to save real estate by shrinking the search to a magnifying glass icon until the user clicks on it.  The complete HTML5 documentation also describes the small amount of PHP code that...
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Using CSS in the Customizr Theme

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a way to define colors, fonts, and other attributes to your web site.

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Protected: Header Fonts and Colors

You can make changes to the type of font the header is using and also the color of the font.
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