I turned in my Samsung Note7 yesterday due to the media scare that it may blow up at any time.  I traded it in for an iPhone 7 because it was the latest technology and recommended by the Verizon saleswoman.  Now I am familiar with the apple OS because I have had an iPad3 for several years.  Also, my wife has the iPhone 6s and occasionally has questions, so I decided to switch to an iPhone rather than go with the Samsung Galaxy 7 which is fast becoming ancient technology-wise – it is almost a year old.  But I really miss my Note7.

Why do I miss my Note7?  Well, I became accustomed to certain features that are missing on the iPhone7.  Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone7 is a great little phone, but still, I miss my Note7. 

I miss being able to place the icons into a specific location on the screen.

With the Note7 I could place the application icons according to their importance to me, and ease of accessing it with my right thumb.  For example, I use Waze, and could place the icon on the middle right side of the home screen and the screen did not have to be full of icons.  Now I have Waze on the home screen on the iPhone7, but if I move any existing icons on that screen, I risk the chance of having Waze jump to the left side of the screen.

I miss being able to ‘go back’

I miss the back button that was to the right of the home button on the Note7.  Again, using Waze as an example, if I went to any of the options using the Note7, I could ‘back out’ of them to get to the main screen.  With the iPhone7, there is a back arrow at the top left corner so you need to use your left thumb to go back.  Now I have to use two hands, or pass the phone between the hands which can become awkward when drivin

I miss being able to close all the running applications.

Ok, so you can close all the running application with the iPhone7 by double clicking the home button, then swiping up on each application to make it ‘fly’ off the screen.  I am soon going to get thumbinitus having to send those application to the sky after using them.  With the Note7, you just clicked on the button to the left of the home button and a ‘close all’ message would show allowing to to get rid of all the open applications at once.

I miss the widgets – especially the calendar widget.

I had one screen devoted solely to the calendar on the Note7.  I knew where it was,and could quickly go to that screen and view all the events for that month.  With the iPhone7, you have to click on the calendar to open it up so you can view the events.  By the way, I use the Google calendar because it gives a text description of the event for that day rather than just a dot to indicate there is an event planed for the day.

I miss Google Pay.

I had just set up Google Pay, and added my credit card, gift cards, and rewards cards to the application.  Finally my wallet could lay flat rather than bulge with all that plastic.  Unfortunately I did not have time to test all of it features, but it appeared that it would be very useful.  Apple Pay is good, but it does not recognize my gift cards nor my reward cards.  Bummer – fatten my wallet again with all that plastic.

I am sure I will learn to accept my iPhone7 over time, but I miss my Note7.

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